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Happy Fathering Day

Just back from a transformative and less debauched gathering of men at Hidden Falls. The focus was fatherhood; biological, emotional, spiritual. We shot guns, roasted whole hogs, and acted like wild-haired buffoons...except when we didnít. We talked about what we desired in our own fathers and how we could use that desire as a sort of compass in our own lives. Simple, I know. But powerful. And so understated in our own lives as we live them. Many of us sons are fatherless, either estranged, abandoned, or simply distant from the men who raised us. Many fathers feel diminished, useless, lost, confused. Our own President is fatherless, raised by his mother and grandparents.

As my Fatherís Day kicks off, I wanted to offer up a prayer for all us fathers and sons and also harken back to a recently-recovered biograph entry that highlights all my jumbled emotions.

Even as a divorced dad, I still have the opportunity to influence my children for good, to seek out the opportunities to be with them, to hold them, to guide them, to be the father I had only too briefly. The central tenets of life still hold true. Itís never too late. You can break the cycle and reconnect the distant chords. You can make a difference.


Thomas posted his own blog entry on Fatherís Day (or Childrenís Enslaved Day as he calls it). Like he said, he and William made me breakfast (all by themselves) and they got me a brand new Weber BBQ grill (fancy). I really could not be happier.

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