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Chinese hackers suck (and so do the Olympics)

My stupid site got hacked by some Chinese hacker using a SQL Injection Attack. So, for the three regular visitors out there, thatís why youíve got that Trojan Horse virus on your PC. And also why a lot of my entries were semi-unavailable. [Update: Apparently still not entirely secure...still working on it...]

I had to get my host to restore the database from a week ago and then secure the pages in question and then blah, blah, blah, blah. Are you as bored by this as I am? I knew my admin tool was insecure, but I never figured the site was a big enough deal to warrant this. Of course, itís really not a hacker coming after me personally. Itís just a bot.

At any rate, all is restored.

For now.

Topics for next time:

- The Olympics have become completely irrelevant.

- Rob is going to paint me a painting. I will take bets as to itís dimensions, color scheme and content. Is he still going Mexico series or has he turned a corner?

- Chinese hackers are better than American hackers because they have a more evil government than we do. And they donít have cable.

- Korean fried chicken is overrated.

- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club vs. The Black Keys vs. The Black Angels. Three-way tie?

- The economy is fine if you arenít up to your ass in debt and you have a job. Which is most likely you.

- The dialogue on the Sopranos is better than the dialogue on The Wire.

- You canít write a novel about 9/11.

- Obama is offering up himself as absolution with no need for confession or payment for sins. I donít think this will work, especially with big D democrats b/c they hate Republicans so much and want somebody to PAY big.

- 5/20/2008 5:06:40 PM | link


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