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Life is too short and so are you

"Dad, do you dream?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"What do you dream about?"


- 4/18/2008 11:01:31 PM | link

There she goes walking on my skin again

Updates. Because I know updates are what you need

- I closed on my house. I move in 4/19. I have to (in no particular order) change my address on everything, rekey the locks, find a desk, dresser, bookshelves (several), hire movers, get rain gutters puts in, buy a weedeater, lawnmower, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Hereís the thing though. Rob agreed to paint me a painting. If I only have to move into a new house every three years to get one of those, Iíd say Iím doing pretty well.

- Thomas is eleven and already smarter than me. I got him Guitar Hero III, Legends of Rokkkk. Heís already beaten Tom Morello if that means anything to Guitar Hero/Rock Star fans. I find it faintly depressing.

- William, Erin and I have concocted a game called airplane wars, in which we make Hawk Harriers and Bulldog Darts and fling them at each other until theyíre meshy balls. Then the game turns into paper ball wars. We all laugh ourselves silly and fall onto the floor exhausted.

- I owe over $7,000 in income taxes. If a Democrat gets elected, I donít see how they could be worse than Bush except in this way: Iíll owe more. I think Iíd be fine with that if I didnít know Hillary Clinton nets over 15 bazillion dollars a year.

- I started going to a church. Gateway. They sing U2 songs and the preacher has a soul patch and thereís a big concert hall for the main church worship area. I know what youíre thinking. But thatís not fair, really. There is something to it. They manage to pull off moments of what Jesus wouldíve likely called "being in the world but not of it." I guess thatís a way of saying they reflect on and live in the post-modern culture (i.e. they acknowledge it), but arenít unaware of that. Theyíre slogan is "No perfect people allowed." I think itís a little too cutesy, but I get what theyíre saying. Theyíre saying they donít want me there.

- The Black Keys released an album with Danger Mouse called Attack and Release. I think the first single, I Got Mine (which reminds me of an old saying my father used to say, but Iíll save that for another post) is kick-ass and the freshest thing Iíve heard in ages. It sounds like Jimi Hendrix channeling, well, Jimi Hendrix, but in an updated Danger Mouse sort of way. Iím so sick of seeing albums released by people I could care less about. Every three (six?) months or so I get energized about music. I mean I think thereís still something beautiful being created that has the potential to crack open my heart. I think I just described Kierkegaardís aesthetic man. Which sucks for me if youíve read Kierkegaard.

- We had another (3rd) round of layoffs at my company. This time my boss of nearly 4 years got the boot. He was probably the best boss I ever had, whip smart and fairly flexible about time, work, etc. Weíve seriously scaled down and are trying to "get back to profitability" as our CEO says. I think (perhaps foolishly) that we make a great product that actually helps improve hospitals and Iíd hate to see us fail after all the work Iíve put in. Not just for the stock, although obviously that matters. Itís a little like death, these layoffs. One minute a familiar face is there and the next theyíre gone, without a word, and youíre supposed to act as if nothing happened.

As I told Kyle, thatís all I got.

Love, music, death, houses, and taxes.

- 4/5/2008 8:14:04 AM | link


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