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Say hallo to my little friend

When mass murderers meet kids with guns.

James Eaves-Johnson wrote about this fact [the students who stopped the killer were armed] one week later in The Daily Iowan. He wrote: “A Lexus-Nexis search revealed 88 stories on the topic, of which only two mentioned that either Bridges or Gross was armed.” This 2002 article noted “This was a very public shooting with a lot of media coverage.” But the media left out information showing how two students with firearms ended the killing spree.

I don’t know how I feel about this, but it’s interesting to me that there are so many more of these incidents than I was even aware of. Is our perception of schools as safe havens a complete and total myth? It seems like if you want to avoid getting shot these days, you should stay away from school, work and family members.

- 4/24/2007 4:52:27 PM | link

I got a pocket full

Kryptonite discovered in Serbian mine.

Lex Luthor unavailable for comment.

- 4/24/2007 9:59:33 AM | link

Religious thickoes vs. Militant Atheists!

Atheism is the new theism.

Sounds like Dostoevsky.

Also, for something slightly tangential:

(yes, it has been awhile, but alas, life):

Movies: The Host (closest I’ve felt to Jaws since Jaws and a comedy to boot...I fully realize this comedy/horror angle is overplayed and an easy handle, but I think the laughter to truly terrifying quotient is extremely well-balanced in this film...i.e. I laughed, I screamed.)

Music: Cold War Kids (astonishing)

Books: The Second Coming by Walker Percy (I’d say The Road, but I mentioned that three months before Oprahfication Ordination)

I haven’t been writing. That’s for everyone who asks. Sometimes I feel like this blog is the all-consuming, idiotic culmination of the You generation (I LOVE this movie. I don’t like spray-on deodorants, but I can’t say why.) and sometimes it just seems like an easy way to update everyone and not have to re-spout the same old horsespit.

I haven’t been writing, but I mean to. I’ve been showering, working 36-hour days, sleepwalking through graduate school, playing Legos Star Wars with my boys, traffiking between too many points on Google Maps, thinking about church and God, wrestling with all my decisions, nodding off in meetings, fighting about the most trivial of objects, kicking myself for not saying the right thing at the right moment when it needed to be said, but only later, in my head, to myself or nobody, and laughing, crying, dancing, smiling, staring, coughing, melting, moving, always moving.

I’ve also been much better than you might have come to expect.

Alas, life.

- 4/2/2007 2:02:56 PM | link


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