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The case against Hillary...

One also hears a great deal about how this awful joint tenure of the executive mansion was a good thing in that it conferred "experience" on the despised and much-deceived wife. Well, the main "experience" involved the comprehensive fouling-up of the nationís health-care arrangements, so as to make them considerably worse than they had been before and to create an opening for the worst-of-all-worlds option of the so-called HMO, combining as it did the maximum of capitalist gouging with the maximum of socialistic bureaucracy. This abysmal outcome, forgiven for no reason that I can perceive, was the individual responsibility of the woman who now seems to think it entitles her to the presidency. But there was another "experience," this time a collaborative one, that is even more significant.

It seems like they are both getting hall passes to me. One side yells "racist." The other side yells "sexist." Who knew the destruction of the Democratic party would lie in its dream ticket fighting each other about how little experience (read: authenticity) the other one has?

The only sure thing I can imagine is that if Hillary takes the super-delegates, but Obama still leads her with the actual delegates, a good chunk of Obama voters will swing toward McCain.

Extra credit:

What exactly is the difference between Hillary and McCain?

Extra extra credit:

Would a McCain v. Hillary general election be construed of playing her gender card against his honorable POW card? Itís going to be hard for her not to pull what Bush did to McCain and come out looking good. Consider also that they actually like each other and have co-sponsored bills together (possibly hurting McCain more than her, but who knows).

And finally:

She has approximately zero chance of winning

- 3/10/2008 8:33:55 AM | link


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