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You know me by spirit or not at all

I didnít mean to scare anybody. Iím not sleeping on a park bench or throwing my entire life away (although maybe some would disagree). I just love the drastic spirit of Bukowski and the messy, low glory of his life. He threw a kink in the works of everything the modern day world holds dear (and that which mostly seems absolutely ludicrous to me on any given day) and he shown a light on the darkness, even as he wrapped himself in it. I have no doubt Jesus would be hanging in the dirt slums of LA during the 70s, spewing forth that holy spirit drunken poetry (did he not call for men and women to forsake their families? did he not say there was something more important than all this...something worth dying for? i’m not rationalizing or sermonizing here...just pointing out that jesus was much more radical than any modern-day sect of christianity will have you believe). If you know me, then you know me. If you knew me, then you knew me. If you made up a story about me, then I hope, at least, itís a good one and that it helps you sleep. We all have our stories that we make up about each other and I donít know anymore that any of them are more or less accurate. Iím not that much changed and I still hold people dear, but then again, maybe Iím just a ghost or a figment...something you made up. The story interrupted or derailed or forced to change. Maybe the story is a nightmare and Iím the devil, however banal and human-filled. Either way, include dragons in the story and itíll be kickass. And flying sharks. Flying sharks fighting dragons at the end and youíll probably option it for a cool million.

- 1/8/2007 1:48:01 PM | link


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