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I知 the king of second chances,
of spectacular
failed romances,
of biting deep
into the bone
and calling up
when nobody痴 home,
of taking one step too many,
of finding famine
in the plenty.
I知 the one thing
you can count on
to never quite round the bend,
of finding that one lie in the truth,
of never arriving
in the end.
I知 everything you ever wanted
wrapped in what you got.
I知 the player hitting it out of the park
in an otherwise empty lot.
I知 walking out well past
the short end of the pier.
I知 the sound in your pillow
as you quiet everything in your ear.
I知 the hope of making it.
I知 the pause of faking it.
I知 the give, not taking it.
I知 ever far.
I知 here.


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