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SXSW 2004 Haiku Reviews - Vol. 2

q - the chain drive - 3:30PM
gay leather bars rule
if you happen to be gay
or wearing leather

starlings - the chain drive - 4:30PM
itís a weenie roast
but iím eating taquitos
and drinking cape cods

migas - room 710 - 8PM
brass metal ballz rok
710 is for lovers
so is my trans am

tara angell - bigsbyís - 9PM
youíre ready to go
pull up those dickies, angel
letís hear some dirt rawk

the new math - lava lounge - 9:30PM
one plus one equals
give me another stiff drink
where is everyone?

+/- - friends - 11PM
stuck in second gear
your jobís a joke and youíre broke
iíll be there for you

the walkmen - exodus - 1AM
i donít understand
how this guy canít lose his voice
best show period


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